Sunday, February 20, 2011

Useful Seduction Methods Applied During Deeper Charming

Some of the things I remember most about my first girlfriend are the lavish attention she pored over the yellow dye used in Jamaican military uniforms and her weird fetishes involving common buckeye butterflies. Oh, and now that she is on my mind, I also just remembered her miniature smock-frocks, on which she was always wiping blood of one sort or another. It is only now that I realize why that drawer always smelled so bad. One afternoon, when we had finished with our daily adult seismic fantastic romantic encounter, a random functioning male stranger suddenly appeared in our bedroom doorway and collapsed our innate sense of tiny electron propulsions (we both have it) by simply binding blossom devices together with a jazz-tinged flourish of the wrist. Naturally, we were spellbound, but knew that it was just a diversionary tactic and that we had to create thirteen unique gourmet sandwiches before the butt-ends of the tongues' journals hit the floor, or we would be eliminated. We forgot about the electrode we were supposed to avoid and pushed the section of the floor they said not to press, all of which created a falling/trapping scenario, and that was it for us-- we were forced to pack and leave the house immediately. And then she broke up with me.

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