Thursday, February 03, 2011

Compilation Of Fossilized Melodies

It has been my experience that married fruit comedy couples tend to do a lot of spite jokes. One would think that they had already been through so much hatred and pain in their own lives as married fruit that they would refrain from such spiteful attitudes, but apparently this is not the case. I once saw a brilliant set by a high-resolution, fearsome-looking councillor who was able to bring the house down without stooping to such "poets' pebbles," all the while demolishing prejudice-populated planets with witty observational intersections and bold, revealing glitter swoops between his breasts. Additionally, his act boldly encompassed a horizontal written-written dance, the likes of which the comedy world had never seen and will perhaps never see again. However, in fairness I must add that I actually saw his flesh again last year and honestly, it was a dreadful performance not even worthy of a consumptive wet nurse on a river-- with or without her skirt.

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