Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Pillow Allegedly Used In The Bash-Attack

His huge rotting genitals were overflowing with spiders' legs, spilling all over his broken mother's broken heart-- and this at the breakfast table! Ever since he lost his job as manager of the chart-topping algae supergroup, Brain Sales, he spent all of his time searching for other parasites instead of feeding on himself. The pressure of coming up with "the next algae band" was just too much, it seems. At one point, he thought he had stumbled upon the next big thing when he discovered a way to musically control peptides, but the liquid writing heard on the first album, "Peptides Sing in the Experimental Thieves' Kitchen," all too quickly turned to biochemical degeneracy and auto-tune on the follow-up album, "Rock 'er Nice Vag."

He collected the spiders' legs and went to his study where he wrote three story-songs for the next virtual newcomers, no matter who or what they would turn out to be.

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