Saturday, December 25, 2010

Three Bought Prestige, Giving Isolation

Eight chick astronomers observed some astronomical shit lately, but no one cared because they're chicks. Some members of the news media were quick to observe that perhaps if the chick astronomers had been wearing science smocks rather than plunging, breezy spring numbers, their peers would have been less reluctant to confirm their findings. This reporter is quick to confirm that the other scientists would not have been faulted for coming down with a case of the "love stutters" in the presence of their giddy, laughing confirmations and their breezy spectrometry.

It could also be noted in this forum that the favorite drink of many of the male scientists is a carbonated, really cold, gravy-flavored energy drink specifically marketed toward scientists called Baby Matrix; the by-product of an over-the-top study they concluded months earlier.

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