Thursday, November 18, 2010

Active In Traditional Wedding, Baptism And Funeral Ceremonies

When he sings, his left cheek droops in a mercilessly, awkwardly sad manner and sits humped for what feels like an eternity-length yawn. In fact, his sounds sound like a tangle of omnichromatic foil laminate, molybdenum, and honestly, not real if you ask me. The members of his loyal audience have contemplated the years spent pretending that the presented flowers were far from the water, when they were in fact long since drowned, if you catch my drift. Near the end of his most recent performance, a horrible young lady came bursting in and compared his singing to reading and/or writing a big dumb book, and then began to tear him viciously with her ragged fingernails. I suggested providing Humanist alternatives to the vicious fingernail tearing, but that never happened.

Courageux Joe needs to be fed now.

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