Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Settling Separately In The Supplied Bed

As I entered the house, the first thing I noticed was just another insensitive shitting / dick-nipple acrylic painting in the foyer. And while it is true that at that point, I would have considered our friendship a boisterous imprudence at best, this really advanced his doubtful blessing beyond anything resembling pleasant feelings into the realm of sickened marrow. I could actually feel (and hear) my marrow recoiling at his every word from that moment on. But eventually we decided to set aside our pride for the sake of our friendship, and together ate an entire pub with our entoothened eyes and grasped the sky like we were stabbing our hands with sharpened candy.


Mislemeat said...

Finally, more 'bones!

terrified said...

You're welcome!