Sunday, April 05, 2009

Traditionally Matured In Caves

The host of TVs Extreme Gong George Gray once owned a TV that weighed a little more than 3500 pounds! If you find that astonishing, wait until you hear that he used it as a seat! But his chair was not the only thing made of otherwise fully functioning TVs-- so was the entire house and everything in it! From the refrigerator to the toilets to the walls themselves to the curtains, everything emitted that familiar blue glow and faint electric hum while still serving its other purpose. Even the water, the toothpaste, the roast beef and the socks were made from extremely tiny TVs. At the time of his death from a masturbation accident, his home used an amount of energy equivalent to that of the entire cities of Casper, Wyoming, Sanford, North Carolina and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin combined!

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