Friday, April 03, 2009

Groups, Septs And Associated Clans

Making your own yoghurt is doable at home. I just made some a millisecond ago with some culture, in a thermos I found in the trash while on my lunch break. I had my own cow that I milked but I took its skin for a golfer's bag, so now I don't drink milk. One thing to note about my cow is that her ugliness gained her international fame and celebrity – her death was a top headline on major news websites and gossiping lips. Not only that, but she slept in the bed with me and the missus-- of course, only while wearing moisture wicking pajamas. Now we get our milk from something that kind of looks like a cow, but delivers lumpy, bluish, foul-smelling milk. This milk is fine for baby, but some prefer to strain the "lumps" out before "adult" consumption.

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