Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nice Wide Cactus Angel Seen Flipping Over

It seems that the infant had taken a liking to nailing startlingly beautiful young women to the floorboards in the pantry. No one was quite sure how he had accomplished this as it is common knowledge that infants release bundles of laughter out of nowhere while staying remarkably motionless any time there are Nick Rib Sandwiches in the vicinity, and considering this incident happened in fact during a Nick Rib Sandwich party at the family home, there would have been more than an adequate number of Nick Rib Sandwiches available to stop an infant. But while he was being questioned during the trial, the infant’s smile betrayed him as he was responding to a line of questioning regarding how he trimmed his veal and how he dares parasites to enter his body.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Calastamixe County, property men insisted that soaking sponge biscuits in warm water or four ounces of brandied cherry sauce for the smallest graceful moment of any given day should be required by each member of the community.

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IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!!! WTF???!!? LOllllllllllL