Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ecstatic Zebra Disposal

"'The universe makes no reason for my face' will be the inscription on my tombstone!" shouted one of the portsmen. The ricochet of the man's throat noises between the buildings and cliffs and back startled many, but the local directors were unable to make any significant decisions to curb such outbursts due to the "One Bed Proclamation" made earlier in the week by the higher officials. The local newspaper was considering doing a feature on the proclamation, but not before a team of three horses exerted their political influence on the waterway system, hauling two or three small carriages up and down the valley as foretold in the legendary silent phone call by the elders.

But as the silent lumps of day came into view, the horses and the carriages were seen to be stationary and the planned rapturous departure was scrapped in favor of some branch wine.


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