Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pursuant To The Provisions Of Section 15 (1) (b) of Act No. 1 15 Of 1990 And Regulation 8 Of The Regulations

Dud Kunjaban, half-brother of the host of TVs Win With the Stars, Allen Ludden, first burst onto the scene as rhythm guitarist in Domestic Mangonel Services, and perhaps due to the fact that he has an average literacy rate of 79% (depending on the day), twin computer flight control system, strakes on the nose and a dog-tooth incision on his right forearm, he consistently failed to be notified for general information. Because of this, he missed the flyer in the practice room that said that Domestic Mangonel Services was playing an all-day show with Appendix, Ear Dagger, Mercygiver, Falchion, Rapier, Horseman's Pick, Culverin and his favorite band of all time, Battlement. He has had a drooping leading edge ever since.

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