Friday, March 13, 2009

Denied, Debunked, Debilitated

I was busy sharing my wish to inflict pain on Andy with my running buddies when out of nowhere, Hunny squatted and dropped a stinky mess of egg kimchi fermentation, leaf mustard pickles, sausage metabolism, kimchi products, solar powered organic brine, baechu cabbage, solar withering, radish kaktugi and common kimchi on their hardwood floor. Now, I don't find these things stinky, however Footlong Corny Mustard Sacks on the Run can definitely overpower my stink defences if allowed sufficient time to stink.

When making conversation I don't try to find out what interests people, rather I prefer to find their stink threshold. If I can do this, I feel I have achieved total mastery of information and seamless transitions.

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