Monday, August 15, 2005

The Common Enemies Of Man

For my 15th birthday, I received a taxidermy fish from my father. I was not exactly what one would call "into" taxidermy fish. Before my 16th birthday, I met then-President Carter when he spoke at a fundraiser for my high-school’s Black Arts Farming program. We became rather ‘friendly’ with each other and we ‘kept in touch’. Then, less than a year later, I actually got a birthday gift from President Carter—another taxidermy fish, exactly the same as the one my father gave me the year before!

I have been collecting since shortly thereafter, and my collection now numbers an impressive 15,332 of the exact same taxidermy fish. My insurance company said the collection is worth upwards of $250!

Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys “It’s Mighty Dark To Travel” (buy)

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