Friday, May 06, 2005

I Don't Know What Has Come Under Me

To celebrate the fact that the entire staff of 2T&AC finally got off their asses and bought a new thingy to make vinyl thingies into digital thingies, we are bringing you, dear reader(s) a double-barrel shotgun blast of excitement. First, we are blessing you with the glory of “Andy (For Love It Takes Two)”.

Next, due to the overwhelming response to “Do The Donkey Kong”, we here at 2T&AC are doing something totally unprecedented (and interactive). Below, you will find a list of the remaining songs (excluding the extremely familiar title track) from Buckner & Garcia’s unmitigated masterpiece Pac-Man Fever LP. Please vote in the comments for which track from this list you would most like to hear. The track that receives the most votes will be posted (in its entirety) early in the new week! Everyone WINS!

“Froggy’s Lament”
“Ode To A Centipede”
“The Defender”
“Goin’ Berzerk”

Girlie “Andy (For Love It Takes Two)” (buy)

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