Monday, May 09, 2005

Ersatz Uschi Saugt Arsch

The latest from our news center on the controversial Buckner & Garcia vote:

No Clear Winner In Electoral Vote... Goin’ Berserk Retracts Concession Call... Froggy’s Lament is First Candidate Since 1972 to Lose Home State.

Goin’ Berserk Lawyers Plan Suit to Overturn Mousetrap Victory... Fla. Recount Is Likely Just Start of Fight... Lawsuit Seeks New Election Over `Misleading' Ballot

Defender Claims Slim Lead... Hyperspace Won't Concede Even After Florida Recount... Motion for New Election in Palm Beach Dismissed

More Legal Confusion in Recount... Defnder/Mousetrap Join Lawsuit on Recounts... Appeals Court to Hear Berzerk Case

Trial Judge Says Florida Can Reject Late Votes... Florida High Court Stops Certification... Centipede Campaign To Appeal Decision

When will the madness end? What have we done? Pluck your magic twanger, Froggy!

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