Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Turbulent Treats

This uncharacteristically straight forward post comes thanks to Kdunk, one of our neighbors just down the cyber block at More Than Donuts. A while back, Kdunk said on her blog that she would send out a free, self-drawn postcard to anyone who asked. The amazing part: she actually did it.

(post card image formerly seen here)

Startlingly, without ever meeting me, intentionally or not, she managed to capture my entire aura—right down to my thoughts! It’s like Snoop said: “I got my mind on my donuts/and my donuts on my mind.”

So, anyway the following song is dedicated to Kdunk. The Rajasthani title roughly translates to: The hand-made postcard you sent me slightly improved my mostly-cynical view on mankind at large, at least for the moment.

Village Band “Jhumar” (buy)

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