Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Ol' Galapagos Gallop

So, we have been spying on our competition recently, and we have learned a few things about their methods and so on. First off, their corner is about as busy as ours. We have recorded a maximum of 33 stopped cars at every light cycle, compared to our 32. So, that's about the same. And the lights stay red for exactly the same amount of time, surprisingly, so that's not it either. Despite this, we have recorded them making as much as 27% more than we made in one day. How? Well, we video taped their actions every day and found what could be the secret: wavey-wave, smile, washy-wash. I'm sure you are wondering what the heck wavey-wave, smile, washy-wash means. Here it is: our boys only offer a smile and a pantomime of the window washing act. They, on the other hand, start with a small wave and smile and then the washing pantomime. We think this is the secret to their success. We showed it to a few focus groups to a 64% approval, with 30% not liking it at all and 6% with no reaction. Therefore, we want all of you to go out there are try the W.W.S.W.W. maneuver for the next couple of days and see how it works. Now let's go wash some windshields!

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