Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Not Your Grandma's Shrieks/Leeches

Dear Giggs,

First of all, I have to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for the fact that you learned to write your name! It is a landmark occasion in every person’s life, and I am happy for you. You must have been quite ecstatic yourself, considering your decision to write your name on every wall, window, mail box, street sign, street post, train and parked car in a 20 mile radius. I am proud of you for committing yourself wholeheartedly to a project. However, when such a joyous impulse should overcome you in the future, could you please refrain from practicing on the front door to my house? Or, at least only do it once? That would be great.

Yours in handwriting,

Herschell G. Lewis “Chase Scene/A Fitting Death for the Garbage He Was” (buy)
Debbie Gibson “Interview Response #4” (buy)

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