Friday, November 05, 2004

Bone Marrow Sundae

A while back, I found myself hanging out with Mary-Kate Olsen and Hunter S. Thompson at some sort of weird low-level celebrity party in a house in the middle of a desert in the southwest US. This was pre-rehab for MK. Hunter was going on and on about how MK shouldn't blab all the time and waste our freedom, while she was whinily countering that she had to talk all the time to preserve her freedom of speech. After nearly and hour, I had grown pretty tired of the conversation and was just sort of playing with the label on my beer when a member of the staff came up to me to tell me I had a phone call. This was my chance! I abruptly turned and quickly manouvered in the direction of the house. I dashed past the telephone and out the front door. I got in my car and drove to the nearest airport, which was about 4.5 hours away. I flew home and never saw Mary-Kate or Hunter again, nor did I ever find out who was on the phone. But, I heard later that Mary-Kate and Hunter ended up hooking up.

Plunderphonics "Angle by Luis Erect" (buy)

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