Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Serenity of the Elders: A One-Act Play

This play stars Matt Damon as Johnny and Keanu Reeves as Donny.

Scene: a living room in Lawrence, Kansas circa 1987

Johnny: Hey Donny, I'm gonna go shoot craps in the alley with Buggy-- wanna come?
Donny: Dude! I HATE Buggy!
Johnny: What? Since when? Why do you hate Buggy?
Donny: Aww... You're right. He's pretty cool. Want some Ju-Ju Bees?
Johnny: You bet! (pauses, but takes no Ju-Ju Bees) After craps, wanna set dogs on fire again?
Donny: (perplexed look) Again?
Johnny: Yeah, you know-- Again, as in 'a second time'?
Donny: Oh! Again! Yeah, sure. Want some Ju-Ju Bees?


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