Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Swelling From Dollar Store Silicone

Apple wine stains by the bed and behind his ears betrayed the perceived "extreme cleverness" claimed by his supporters. But no matter- hot doughnuts continued to be popped into my mother anyway. Eventually, they had his control panel; he stared at the wind. One day it was my turn to care for him. Mother was perched next to the hot doughnuts machine as usual, and I was saddled with the task of feeding Mr. M. I moved his mouth into his fork as the kitchen caught fire, determined to finish his meal. As the concrete turned to jiffy pop, we peeked over the rim of the smoldering crater from our precarious viewpoint. Mr. Mushrooms finally swallowed the last mushy glob of something or other as we were swallowed by the charred ground itself.

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