Saturday, October 09, 2010

Her Diamond Lies

Section 1: The appearance of Helium was preceded by a throng of bodyguards moving in phalanx formation and emitting radio frequencies, which seemed a little excessive considering it was a four-year-old's birthday party, but that's how Helium is sometimes.

It seemed that more and more often lately, the four-year-old plugged-in his devices, passing the day without soap-suds, without the wind, but completely swamped in his recent obsession with being completely riveted by being ashamed, which created some very awkward situations, as you might imagine. But that's why we thought the party was a good idea.

Section 2: Upon reviewing your recent phone message, I noticed a certain eagerness when you spoke in regard to purveying the perceived necessity of materialist discourse whilst visiting a second bulldozer. And this is fine, of course, but that worried, expectant pause between "materialist" and "discourse" implies that we have to choose between cultural situationism and disposal of solicitude, and I think that is simply a startled wound to the otherwise perfect physique of my private monstrosity.

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