Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Must You Paint My Sugarplum?

Out of one of your daughters rose my sister. Whatever ladyship was within your daughter suddenly stood before us, preoccupied yet willing to withstand judgment. It should also be noted that your daughter has the loveliest pussy, (truth be told, all of your daughters have lovely pussies) so it was rather fortunate that my sister could take advantage of such an opportunity. My sister hovered before us for a time, gold nuggets in one hand, a fire extinguisher in the other. I imagined a future kiss on her cheek to welcome her back, although she had a serious case of the ordinaries. Our father had died a few days earlier choking on tenderly dyed dandelion seeds; still in mourning was I, and about to mourn upon learning was she.

Ass worship is for the ebay store.

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