Saturday, September 04, 2010

All The Goddamn Things You Basically Did Without Saying "Teeth"

Heels before me, chump-end of a newspaper behind, kneeling on someone's problems-- this is not how one should wake up. But it is exactly how I woke up this evening. I remember some alarmingly meditative conductress and her lovely blonde daughters. I remember being too drunk to play pyramid ring and I remember the beginning of the epigenetic warfare, but after that, nothing.

Yesterday afternoon, I was definitely lunching on the kindness of a stranger made up like creamed spinach and the hair on my arms was definitely being heightened by the most remarkable book. The waitress locked the lock of my rough sleeve, and I blinked confusion, howling, trapped. One thing waitresses always forget is that chaos overcomes modalities; I piqued six, narrowed remarks, preferred agreeably. Everyone's questions were explained, so I picked up my weaving and dived for the formal hanging stairs.

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THIS FUCKING RULES BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!