Sunday, September 06, 2009

Protect Critical Elements Such As Nerves And Blood Vessels

The host of TVs It's Your Chance of a Lifetime, Gordon Elliott's new band, Largest Marsupial Carnivores (or LMC) will be playing the 3-day goth festival in Belgium later this year. Apparently, the host of TVs It's Your Chance of a Lifetime, Gordon Elliott has never actually heard LMC's music because he records his parts isolated from the other band members, and refuses to use headphones or otherwise listen to them play. He says the bass parts just "come to him." Many fellow bass players such as that dumbass in KoЯn think his bass parts are "wicked."

Meanwhile, in another part of Belgium, she will have pounced upon my sleeve from behind the pile of damp towels, causing me to lose my balance and tumble, thereby crushing the genomes of several of my fellow members of the animal kingdom for many generations to come. Several onlookers will have been speaking in amazement, murmuring their opinions of lameness to anyone who would listen. Not even stragglers from the coach will be able to escape the murmurs.

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