Sunday, August 16, 2009

Large Organic Molecules And Even Bacterial Spores

He stated to the crowd that he wouldn't starve until the hedges were completely bare, which was met with uproarious applause and rapturous "woo!"-ing. He continued by stating that his words would be reproachfully delivered until his voice rasped. This too was met with wild applause from the crowd. In the next passage of the speech, he delved into his childhood, and said that all things considered, the beautifully hand carved Chinese hardwood desk he had in his childhood bedroom had greatly shaped his life, more so than even his family or the grueling 37 month rape trail that nearly sent him and everyone he had ever met to jail for the rest of their lives, but instead was dismissed on a technicality.

The rally came to an abrupt end when a very small gentlemen scrambled down into his pocket and found some of the hardest currencies I'd ever smelled.

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