Sunday, July 05, 2009

Consider The Action A Victory In Terms Of Body Count And Withdraw

Whatever family opinions the soldier brought to church were rolled up in cloth remnants and stuffed in empty casks. It looked terribly heavy, but he was not only a frighteningly elegant gazelle-like creature, but also much stronger than he looked. He sat patiently through the sermon, snickering any time the preacher said "God" or "Jesus" or "Our Holy father", which struck more than a few parishioners as queer.

We later found out that the soldier was not actually a soldier at all, (despite the fatigues) but actually a Dutch-born flautist with the classification: Austronesian-Malayo-Polynesian-Northwest-Sarawakan-Dayic-Kelabitic-Apo-Duat flautist, which is something very unusual, apparently. But as the old saying goes: What's in sudden bites, aside from just another glass?

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