Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Undulating Chance

We decided the project had to be done with a very serious tone considering the number of lives lost while building the amphitheater. It was to be the first amphitheater of its kind, with all of the audience's seats on a rollercoaster track modeled after the Phaethon in South Korea, with a helix, then the first corkscrew followed by another corkscrew, and a 540 degree helix all leading up to the final brakes which would coincide with the main character's death. But alas, the Mastersons beat us again with their new amphitheater extravaganza which not only had the audience seats on a roller coaster track, but the entire thing was located in the vent of a live volcanic cone enclosed in vertical gneiss cliffs.

As I contemplated yet another failure, I was rubbing my stinking ass in the vicinity of a very powerful computer, causing it to malfunction. I called my lawyer and told him we had another lawsuit to throw on the pile. He just chuckled and told me not to be surprised if I never heard from him again.

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