Monday, June 15, 2009

Alarmingly Long

Read this: A big-boned Irish hunter sat in the least improbable manner possible near the antique lamp.
And now read this: I was a blacksmith's wife with the despicable habit of getting my own blood on all of his blood-stained swords.
But then read this: I fell into my fate; you shouldn't be spending all your time painting scarcely two meters of largely angry red lines.

And finally, read this list of Famous People™:
Ch. Muhammad Alam (Late)
Ch. Muhammad Afzal (Nazim)
Ch. Gulzar Ahmed (Ex. EDO Agriculture)
Ch. Safdar Khan Gondal (CEO United Gases)
Ch. Zafar Nadeem (Late)(Bahawalpur)
Ch. Bashir Ahmed (UK)

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