Thursday, April 30, 2009

She Touches A Voice. Remember?

“Consciousness is intrinsically elitist,” says the host of TVs Extreme Dodgeball Bil Dwyer; however, according to the host of TVs Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak, Bruce Forsyth, it is not so much consciousness that is intrinsically elitist, but rather the futility, and some would say the failure, of consciousness. He continues, "with apologies to a hallucination in a movie, a number of demodernisms concerning the dialectic paradigm of expression may be revealed in the form of an envelope and... Whoops! The green shimmering of a note..." With this he swayed in time with the sunflowers in the walls, implying shallow narrative.

If I were you, I would avoid accidentally letting me in on that, or really any, totality, because if I have been to my experimental swallowing class, I can be a real fuckhead when I get home.

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