Monday, April 13, 2009

Measuring Your Co-Workers' Eyebrows While They Sleep

The host of TVs Face The Music Ron Ely had himself successfully separated from his conjoined twin Don at the age of 12. When they were teenagers, they became the first openly gay, formerly conjoined couple to host a drive-time radio show on a major station. Ron later had a Byzantine-inspired rotunda and a new main entrance installed on his upper body to further distinguish his appearance from that of Don. In much the same spirit, Don made a pact with the devil and flew through the sky on the backs of goats nearly every night. And this was after having surgery to attach a purplish-blue gloss exoskeleton which blends into blackish-grey on the chest to his body.

Ron and Don lived together until the time of their death resulting from the malfunction of a giant drum they had spinning around their entire bedroom to simulate the sensation of the room turning upside-down.

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