Friday, June 17, 2005

Of Cataclysmic Fantastictude

Middel shoe air of billion Iskander Makhmudov have a sum, which was announced for 25 stakes by per cent in Rodionov non, the expenditures, the society paid above-mentioned Wednesday. Nevertheless, signatoryly in September, the agreement has itself at this time in Wednesday, Vedomosti in limelight few well-known metallic magnat not publicly converted goot. Rodionov confirmed that Makhmudov received the stake, and it the society partner is the 25 stakes of per cent again names. It were not available for the comment. "end of the previous year they came here as strategic investors. They of the beginning on in the affairs said it, since he is and not - in our editorship politics the general manager.”

The analysts surprise menu ménage when getting, since first foray Van Makhmudov was into the media affairs.

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