Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Proof Of Existence

-Purists wince at the sight of a white-tinged clover amongst the more delicate shamrock leaves.
-The purists would wince, but he'd have the brightest car on the track, and what an advertising writeoff!
-two modified Demons also make purists wince, bit I love 'em.
-Yoga purists wince at the word 'therapy'
-Purists wince at whole, skinned potatoes in biryani
-Sitting in the audience, one could hear the purists wince. Ah joy.
-I'm sure purists wince and rail at it, but it's a perfectly good verb
-to have forged a kind of relationship with ACC that could make brand purists wince even while warming the cockles of cost accountants...

Tubeway Army “That’s Too Bad (Live)” (buy)

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