Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Blender On 'Pulse'

Fifteen headless zombies suggested Monday afternoon that Dan Rather stayed in the chair too long. The zombies, whom Rather escaped from 24 years ago Wednesday, told some passers-by in an interview televised Monday afternoon that a stuffed raccoon, who will replace Rather on an interim basis, should have been drained of all his blood sooner. "He is, to our minds, the one who, with all respect and so on, quite frankly, in our honest opinions, although Dan did a "fine" job, and would have continued to do a "fine" job, we would have liked to have seen in a coffin a long time ago," the 15 headless zombies said through elaborate hand gestures and scribbled notes.

Christian Marclay & Otomo Yoshihide “Blood Eddy” (buy)

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