Friday, October 08, 2004

What Kind Of Example Is That For Rumer?

Then, this other time, I had a friend who was working as a PA on a movie starring Bruce Willis. I don't remember what it was called-- it was a total bomb. Anyway, my friend asked if I wanted to stop by the soundstage one day and just hang out and watch the 'magic in action'. I said sure, since I was going to be in the neighborhood anyway. (my salamander's veterinarian was near there) Of course, if you have ever been on a film set, you know that it looks like nothing is happening at all-- assistants with their radios chow down at the deli table while other assistants with radios and gaffer tape stroll back and forth as though they forgot to do something. My friend and I were standing off to the side chatting and drinking coffee when we saw Bruce Willis exit his trailer and stroll in the direction of catering. Suddenly, he put his arm up to his face and BLEW HIS NOSE ON HIS SLEEVE. Naturally, we were horrified and bug-eyed, but it didn't end there. He looked around briefly, and apparently thought no one was looking (or didn't care) and proceeded to EAT THE BOOGERS OFF HIS SLEEVE. I promptly said goodbye to my friend and went home, giggling and nauseated the entire way.

Luc Ferrari "Visages V- Part 2" {buy}

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