Sunday, February 22, 2004

Wonders O. Internetulation

Here at Celebratory Air-Bump World Headquarters, my staff and I receive literally hundreds of spam emails every day. And while I believe that the people who send these out should have their flesh slowly removed with a butter knife and then the fleshless bodies should be rolled around in a salt-vinegar mixture (for hours), I have found mild enjoyment in these (randomly-generated?) names in my "from" column in the past week or so:

Pents O. Xanthippe
Alcoholism T. Gravy
Theories D. Sparrer
Dick Pfeiffer
Actuary D. Mortally
Lounge A. Seldom
McConnell O. Glue
Transferral P. Dated
Discombobulate G. Oversupplying
Hiram R. Mooney
Harriett Cypert
Refugee O. Oracles

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