Sunday, February 29, 2004

The Rarest Day On The Calendar

I don't know about you, but I am busy celebrating the rarest day on the calendar-- that's right:


Congratulations on your calendar correction! I hope it lasts for 4 more years! (winky) I don't have alot of time because I am busy building my leap year kite that I will fly for the traditional 29 minutes before cutting the string and making my leap year wish as I watch the kite fly off into the ether... Then I will partake in the traditional February 29th meal of clotted liver biscuits and sheep's blood, before assembling the family around the burning furniture for a reading of Carrot Top's leap year classic, The First Leap Year Feast For Johnny and Jimmy. By then, the children will be mighty drowsy from their once-every-four-years treat: an entire bottle of NyQuil each! And then, of course, as is customary on February 29th, I will strip naked and fire my gun into the air 29 times before going to bed with visions of the rarest day on the calendar dancing in my head.

Happy Leap Year, Everybody!

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