Tuesday, February 10, 2004

A Function (sic) You Won't Want To Miss!

Invitation to the Celebratory Air-Bump 20th Post Anniversary Extravaganza!
The night's guests include:

Yoko Ono!
David Spade!
Paris or Nikki Hilton!
Lionel Richie!
Yahoo Serious!
Leo Sayer!
TV's Fran Drescher!
Leeza Gibbons!
Daniel Küblböck!
Adrian Zmed!
Linkin Park!
Ed Buschera!
Rachel Ward!
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka!
Todd Bridges!
Corey Feldman!
...and many more

As well as your hosts for the evening:
Gallagher and Rush Limbaugh

Free appetizers and drinks!

On the menu:
Cat food on a stick
Rocks and fresh ground pepper
Buttered eyes
Sauerkraut & grape jelly stuffed mushrooms

And our world famous raw potatoes!

Where: Jimmy's Lick 'em and Stick 'em
21542 South Industrial Drive
Champagne, Illinois 21331

When: Thursday, February 12, 2004
5:35 AM

Please RSVP: (415) 626-2311

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