Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Classic Movie Moment

Remember that movie where Christopher Walken is all, "You're an Italian" and Dennis Hopper is all, "You're a Sicilian monkey" and Walken is all, "You eat linguine" and Hopper is all, "I don't eat linguine, you monkey" and Walken is all, "Then you better just kill me 'cause Rosanna Arquette just ran away with my son" and Hopper is all, "I always thought David Arquette was radder" and Walken is all, "No way. Really, just kill me." then Hopper is all, "Man, you're not so bad, and you're a good dancer" and Walken is all, "Did'ja see me in that Fatboy Slim video? I was ripping up the place!" and Hopper is all, "Yeah, did'ja see me when I was all-- hey that colonel Kurtz man he tells the truth or whatever?" and Walken is all, "How long is this gonna take, cause I got some linguine boiling for you you fuckin Italian." That was the best. I love that scene.

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